BISYOC this year was a success both musically and culturally. We managed to play with each other in superb harmony in rehearsals and in our free time. Everyone’s culture was respected and celebrated, and, because of this, everyone learned a lot about other participants and also about other countries’ customs. The concerts were fantastic – not that that was any surprise; the members of BISYOC this year were fantastic musicians and fantastic people, with whom I will keep in contact for sure!

UK Participant 2012

That is the special thing of BISYOC; all the people are like a big family thanks to music. We do music, which is what we love, but its not only that. We learn so many things about other cultures, countries and people. That is something that you can´t learn in another kind of orchestra. Here the music is important, of course, but the people and their culture too. Thank goodness I decided to come this year.

Spanish Participant 2012

BISYOC is definitely a first and important station for every young musician who wants to experience a wonderful joy of playing in a symphony orchestra. Being a part of BISYOC course, I can surely say, has brought me a great sense of what it feels like playing and leading a symphony orchestra. The chance of being an Orchestra Leader, which I was given by BISYOC's excellent conductor Julian Gibbons and all other members of The BISYOC team, was an eye opening experience. I learned a lot about playing and leading an orchestra, communicating and cooperating with other people, and I learned a lot about myself. I was extremely nervous realizing I was going to lead the orchestra, but all the anxiety went away seconds after entering the beautiful rehearsal hall and being warmly welcomed by the BISYOC team and all the other participants. Immediately you feel like you are a part of something that is not only an orchestra, but a huge community and family who support you and give you not only lessons in music but also lessons for life! You get to meet a lot of people and their culture. This is a place where you can find your new best friends! Everybody is here for the same purpose, and that is to play beautiful music. And what connects people better than music? OK, food perhaps - that is why there is one evening where each country presents its traditional foods! There are also dance nights, Eurovision (singing contest), country presentations, chamber music and all kinds of other activities that bring people together! BISYOC is a wonderful place to really expand your horizons. It will give you an excellent first glimpse into your future career! BISYOC has given me knowledge that I will definitely cherish and use well in my future! As a young musician myself, I would invite everyone who has the desire to play in a symphony orchestra to participate in BISYOC, because this is more than a course! This is experience you will remember a long time, unless you decide to come next year also!

Zvonimir Krpan, Croatian Participant 2014

I am writing this to show my appreciation for all the work you do at Bisyoc. I have recently got a job in an opera house in Bulgaria and I feel that this would not have been possible if it was not for the experience I acquired during each Bisyoc. I wish to thank Lee for his dedication and patience, even offering help outside of Bisyoc. Thanks goes also to Julian for his wonderful way of explaining music to the musicians.

Jean-Pierre Cassar, Maltese Participant 2016