BISYOC Privacy Policy

Applicants and Participants

If you apply to participate in BISYOC, we collect information about you for the purpose of processing your application. After the BISYOC Exchange we will continue to send you information about BISYOC by email but you can inform us at any time if you wish this communication to discontinue.

Newsletter/Mailing List Subscribers

If you have applied to or participated in BISYOC, or at any time contacted BISYOC to ask for information, we may occasionally contact you by email. You can inform us at any time if you wish this communication to discontinue.

Images and Video

Photographic Images and video captured during BISYOC may be used on our website or other publicity, to represent our activities. If at any time you wish an image or video to be removed from our website or other publicity, please inform us.

BISYOC Membership Accounts

If you create a BISYOC account, your details will be checked to verify that you are a genuine past participant of BISYOC. You will then have access to members-only BISYOC content and you may receive occasional emails aimed at ex-participants. If you opt to show a profile location pin, these will appear on our website with your first name and instrument, in the public domain, to show the geographical distribution of BISYOC members. If you opt to upload a profile picture this will also be displayed in the public domain with your location pin. You can log in and alter your choice at any time, or you can email us directly to request that your account is deleted.

The contact for all requests listed above is